Watermelon :)

I came up with this philosophy when last night I was eating the red juicy,super sweet…watermelon and was damn pissed by the seeds..which where just interrupting my enjoyment…so,the philosophy goes like dis..

“The Black Seeds in the piece of Watermelon resemble the unwanted people in our life so you should try to remove them before you actually eat and enjoy the sweetness and flavor of your life ,i.e. the watermelon piece. But then still some hidden black seeds come and disturb us from enjoying so either remove them off in the start with a pointed fork ,or Bite them up.. 😛 because they are just hindrances to the very delicious taste.. But,if you get them while eating,just don get pissed like me because they gave you a small break from relishing its taste and you can start again to savor the taste 😀 Simply, Just like the bad people help us in making realize the worth of Good people in our Lives :)”



December 2k13

This year is on the verge of its end, but when i look back, trying to remember anything special or anything outstanding that occurred to me, i am blank, speechless… nothing as such. just a confused vision is all i see.
with every single minute, hour, day, month.. .. passing by, a regret.. i grief.. because i am hereby wasting the precious time that god has given me.. i am tired of just looking at people!! looking from my balcony, my window, my car, my school bus.. i no more wish to be an observer.
I feel there is life in me. Life in the sense- freshness, love, happiness, joy.. I just want this life to come out. I feel my every move is controlled. Controlled with a stick of consciousness, shyness, awkwardness.
i don’t know what creature was i in my last birth- perhaps a free bird.

for me freedom is not partying late night or doing something fishy. Freedom to me is doing something which my heart calls for. I want to listen to my heart.



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